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AUGUST 23, 2012

Dr. Mel behind the camera at the NOLA Wrap Audition Party
August 18, 2012

I haven't laughed so hard in my life until this evening when I started getting 1,000 Happy Birthday Wishes through text messages, emails, and voice mail!  I even got a voice Skype message by someone singing me the Happy Birthday song.  I didn't know where it was coming from but, the well wishes did make me smile.  How could it not?

Then I thought, maybe they are all confused as some of the emails came from as far away as India and England and there just might be another Melissa Caudle out there with today's birthday.  In fact, I have done my research and there are 38 Melissa Caudle's in the world.  I've talked to 16 of them out of curiosity and discovered that we shared many comment attributes - food, hobbies, and careers.  I came across another Melissa Caudle, who in fact is also an author and writes freelance for woman's magazines.  Another Melissa Caudle is a school teacher, and yet; another Melissa Caudle that is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp.  I also came across a surgeon, an accountant, and another actress, who didn't have my last name of Caudle, but had my maiden name.  So, maybe it's one of their birthdays as mine is in March and I am an Aries.  

Then, I went on Facebook and there were more birthday wishes.  I finally found the culprit - the infamous JOHNNY ROCK.  Now, Johnny, it is only fitting that you bring me a birthday cake.  And, BTW, my favorite cake is Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting with fresh raspberries.  I won't need the candles just a big glass of cold milk.

This years birthday cake.  YUM!!!!!!

Now, I know how rumors can get started so very quickly.  BTW, it's Robby's birthday tomorrow.  Just kidding.  That isn't until next February.  And, she like double fudge chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

By Dr. Melissa Caudle

Over the years I have always heard the saying, "There is no rest for the weary."  For the first time in my life I fully understand the impact of the saying.  Robby and I hadn't even taken a deep breath or a long overdue hot bubble bath (separately of course) before the two days of the New Orleans callback auditions and the Callback Audition Wrap Party last Saturday night.  Our heads were still spinning over the fantastic eight days we spent in Los Angeles getting to know our KSK family in "Hollywoodland" when we began the identical process for our KSK family in "Hollywood South."  The competition for the roles for The Keystroke Killer is strong leaving the KSK Casting Team in a conundrum.  Who will be the cast for this film?  In reality, we are all wondering the identical same thing.  We all want to know and soon that answer will be revealed.  But, before we can reveal the cast, we still have this coming Saturday's Skype callback auditions.  WHEW!  How fun.  Then the hard decisions will be made as we select the final cast for The Keystroke Killer.


Robby Cook Stroud, Julie Wions, and Dr. Mel Caudle
The heat was on for my hometown of New Orleans to bring their "A Game" to last weeks auditions.  I believe I even issued a challenge to them when I spoke of how well the actors from the KSK LACA family did having cast Julie Wions instantly to the cast as Meagan Montgomery.  That must of scared the New Orleans gals who were auditioning for that role to death.  But, never fear, as they had the opportunity to read for different roles and also be considered for either the speaking roles for the victim of KSK or one of the classroom students with Blaze, Mag, and Jenni.  There are seven of those roles available.  So, never loose hope and remember that a "NO" this time doesn't mean that you are a poor actor, it simply means that you are right for this role but will be for another some day.

Also, all of the guys from New Orleans and got together.  Take a look at these crazy pictures outside of Jaq's Acting Studio where we held the auditions.  THANK YOU JAQ!!!

Timothy Wyant, Nick Bradley, Johnny Rock, Challa Sabree, Jerry Lopez Jr. and Joseph McCrae

The Fearsome Three Respond to the Girlz from LACA
Nick Bradley, Johnny Rock and Jerry Lopez

Jennifer Rossario and Tina Rubin
There were many, many, outstanding auditions from the KSK NOLA family including the incredible performances of Tina Rubin and Jennifer Rossario as Dr. Elizabeth Wright.  Both Jennifer and Tina are in the top ten final selection for Dr. E. Wright.  Their videos will be featured next week when we release the top ten actors in each role.

Ava Eadie and Carol Ann Scruggs as Marge Greenberg, who read with Chip Carrierre (cold read for him), Joseph McCrae, who originally was called back for the role of Jones, delivered on his cold read for Congressman Tom Thompson, Jennifer Dawson as Stephanie Wynfield, Suzie Labry as the Waitress, Tymothy Wyant as Dr. Frank Franklin, Wanda Leigh as Dr. Francis Franklin, Chip Carriere as Alex, and more.  

One thing is evident from both the LACA and NOLA auditions is that no matter how much I threw toward the actors, they brought it.  Many of them were asked to deliver cold reads for parts they werent' familiar with.  Also, having the actors perform a scene with different actors also allowed for us to assess the chemistry between the actors.  Take a look at some of the outstanding New Orleans auditions which also include cold read performances..


First up is the audition highlights is by Carol Ann Scruggs.  She really brought Marge Greenberg to life.  Reading with Carol was Susie Labry AKA Louisiana Sunshine.  For those who don't know Susie, "Like I know Susie...," she is an instrumental supporter to the film industry in Louisiana.  She has been very involved from the beginning and leads the way in setting an example of making things happen for our industry.  She was one of the key leaders in getting our state's film tax credit laws passed.  Kudos to you Susie.

Carol Ann Scruggs
(reading with Susie Labry in Professor Faust Role)

The next audition video really capitalizes and displays how a single character can be interpreted by different actors and how one actor responds to the differences.  That is one of the many reasons why the KSK casting team utilizes our group casting method.  Featured in the next video is Timothy Wyant and Wanda Leigh as the portray and interpret Dr. Franklin and how Jennifer Dawson adapts to the challenge of the change in actor's character interpretation                    

Timothy Wyant, Jennifer Dawson, and Wanda Leigh.

Scarlett Martin as Jones with Jerry Lopez as Matthew and Anthony McNeil as Peterson with Joseph McCrae as Matthew.  Then we end with Luis Antonio as Peterson.and Jerry Lopez Jr. as Matthew.  This video segment ends with Rudy Garcia as Robert Mendoza.  Lots of New Orleans Talent on this video.

Brook Coleman as Mag  and Natalie Sharp as a cold read   Natalie auditioned for Jenni.   Both girls are in contention for the roles they auditioned for.

And one of my favorite from both LACA and NOLA  

And, I couldn't leave out one of my favorite pictures taken during the auditions as actor, Chip was getting into character and one of the KSK Button Collection belonging to Claire Murphy.  Claire really knocked her audition out of the ballpark as the astrologer.  However, the KSK Casting team has moved her into the top five ladies for the role of Matthew's mother, Mrs. Carol Raymond.  Congrats Claire on making the top five in this category as it is a very selective field..

Photo taken by Claire Murphy who auditioned for the Astrologer.

'We will call you when it is your time!"

Dr. Mel sitting at her computer.  This is the angle that the callback actors will see of Dr. Mel during their callback auditions this Saturday.  Maybe, instead of  saying "Break a Leg," it would be more appropriate to say,"Severe the cable line."
Again, the KSK Casting Team will be making history with the audition process.  How?  We will be conducting a group callback audition on SKYPE.  Just like the auditions in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the actors with Skype callbacks, will audition in groups.  That's right.  They will slate in a group, and then audition with another actor or two, depending on the role, on a group Skype video conference.  And, we are ready to capture the entire process on film once again making history and establishing a new trend in casting.

The Process

The process is a simple one.  Each callback Skype actor was sent their audition packet to complete and mail back to us.  In other words, "Signed, sealed, and delivered."  Additionally, each actor had to provide their contact Skype name or number.  This doesn't cost the actor any money because a Skype account is free.  We also assigned them a two-hour time-frame to be ready to accept the KSK casting team's Skype phone call.  We have the necessary equipment and paid subscription to allow up to 10 actors to be auditioned on a group Skype audition.  The benefit to this procedure is that it allows actors from all over the world to participate in an audition with other actors - the same type of auditions that were held in the face-to-face callbacks.  Actors just need to be ready with their lines for the role in which they were called back for.  If during this time, we want an actor to do a cold read for another part, they will be able to quickly download the sides from the internet and use them.  The web address for these sides is or

Making History

To conduct auditions in the fashion we are, is groundbreaking and has others noticing our every move.  People in general want to know the outcome.  Casting directors from all over the world want to know how we do what we do.  Television and Radio talk show hosts request us on their shows as they too are interested in our grassroots campaign auditioning tactic.  Robby and I wouldn't ever of thought all of this publicity would be coming because we chose to use the Internet in the fashion we are to cast our projects.  Whew!!!

Just when you think we are finished setting trends, we're not.  This Saturday we once again will set another trend because we have company joining us on the Skype Callback auditions.  That's right.  We have invited Brian "The Hammer" Jackson, host of his own radio talk show to join us as a guest "Casting Associate."  I'm honored that he excepted the invitation as he is a very busy man and has the power of the press behind him.  

.  There is never a dull moment on Brian "The Hammer" Jackson radio show.  In fact, his show can be very addicting as I have found myself tuning in each day just to listen to his guests.  Not only is his show informative it is entertaining.  Make it a point to listen to his show by clicking on the picture below of one of the interviews of me.

                                                                    CLICK TO HEAR BRIAN "THE HAMMER" JACKSON SHOW


Brian "The Hammer" Jackson has kindly offered to assist us in locating talent for my next project A.D.A.M., a sci fi drama, based on a real life scientific discovery by a NASA science biological research team who discovered a new life form on the bottom of Mono Lake in California.  Take a look at this ACTUAL NEWS REEL CLIP that I did of the actual facts surrounding the plot of A.D.A.M.



Now that I have you thinking in terms of A.D.A.M., I'd like to share what is going on with this project.  First, the screenplay is completed and I am currently pitching the project to the investors. I have been asked by a film investment group for the business plan but they want everything in place, e.g., actors and crew, in the business plan.  They have been watching the audition process of THE KEYSTROKE KILLER, and they know that I can quickly identify potential cast from that project and they are excited about that.  They also want for me to identify the core production team members in the plan, so I will be attaching crew members as well.  The logic behind all of this, is they want to be able to invest their money and have a quick return on their investment.  

This isn't their first rodeo on financing independent films and they know that if the script is complete with a cast and a crew attached, we can move quickly to film the project and have it ready for distribution in a four month period.  That is our goal with A.D.A.M. so it can be ready for Pilot Season beginning in January of 2013.  So, with luck, prayers, and investors, we may have A.D.A.M. completed before we begin principal photography on The Keystroke Killer.

In order for this to happen, I will need locate and hirel cast and crew for A.D.A.M. to move quickly with no waste of time.  So, identified below is the information on how to submit for cast and crew of A.D.A.M.


1.  Go to www.ADAMFILMPROJECT.BLOGSPOT.COM and review the character roles and breakdowns.  ONLY SUBMIT a head shot for one role in which you match the description.  For instance, if the role of Dr. Sandra Bradford calls for a FEMALE/AGE 40 AND UP/CAUCASIAN do not submit for this role if you are 25 and African American.  Likewise, if a role calls for a MALE/AFRICAN AMERICAN/AGE 30, don't submit if you are a MALE/AFRICAN AMERICAN AND ARE 50.  To know thyself is to be true to thyself.  When you submit for a role that you are not a match for, it can taint a casting director's idea of you.  Casting Directors, want to know if an actor is realistic about themselves.  

2.  Once you decide on the character, email a head shot and resume to:



DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR REELS AT THIS TIME.   If we like your head shot and resume and you indeed look the part, we will provide you with the instructions on where to submit your online audition tape.  The reason for this is because we have to cast quickly so we only want to look at reels and audition tapes for actors who really fit a particular role.  

3.  When you receive an official email asking to upload your audition tape, do so within the deadline.

4.  Then wait to be notified if you got the role.

It is our intention not to have to have face-to-face callbacks since we are hoping that KSK MEMBERS will be auditioning and we already know who you are.  HOW FUN AND HOW EXCITING IS THAT?

I like the idea of being able to cast projects like this.

Lastly, we are also going through our in-house OTLP production binder that actors have been submitting headshots and resumes to.  We will also be contacting those actors to submit an online audition if we feel you fit a specific role.

With that said, if you haven't sent your hard copy of your headshot and resume to ON THE LOT PRODUCTIONS, LLC for consideration for new and additional OLTP and Dr. Mel Films, please do so ASAP.  The address is:

STE. 102/158
KENNER, LA 70065


Do you want to be the first and set a trend with your very on A.D.A.M. T-Shirt and merchandise?

You can help get this project off the ground by purchasing a T-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, coffee mug, aluminum water bottle, tote bag and more.

That's right.  All of these are now available for purchase to help this film get off the ground.  Take a look at the T-shirt for the women and one style of the baseball caps.  Other styles and men's T-Shirts are also availabe. We are taking pre-orders now for the merchandise  Contact Robby at: to reserve your merchandise.  She will send you the order form until we get our E-Store up and running.

A.D.A.M Baseball Cap  $24.95

A.D.A.M. Woman's T-Shirt  $21.95


Mouse Pads available for the following Dr. Mel Projects



To submit for a crew position, email your resume to:


In the subject line put "ADAM CREW."

That is it.  Likewise, if you want to forward a hard copy of your resume to the above address, please feel free to do so.  We are specifically looking for:

Director of Photography
Set Designer
Prop Master
1st AD
Payroll Clerk
2nd 2nd AD
Production Coordinator
A and B Camera
Sound Mixer
Boom Operator
Grips/Electric etc.
Producer Assistant
Script Supervisor
Wardrobe Supervisor
Location Manager
Craft Services
Production Assistants
Transportation Coordinator


In New Orleans, we look for any reason to throw a party.  If there is a party we go!  Last Saturday night wasn't any different as actors assembled at the River House for a party.  Gypsy Elise and the Royal Blues provided our musical entertainment with a special set given by Challa Sabree.  It was a fun time for all as I also had the honor of having my mother attend the party who was also celebrating her 18th year of being cancer free.  Praise God!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party and a video of the nights events.

Gypsy Elise entertains the NOLA crowd at the KSK Wrap Audition Party

Robby and three of her sons - Taylor, Noah, and Dylan

Dr. Mel mentors Taylor and shows him how to work a camera.  

Natalie Sharp sings impromptu for the KSK Party.

Hannah Bickham joins in on the musical fun of the night.

Challa Sabree sings a special song for the KSK crowd.  The song will be on the Soundtrack of KSK.

Dr. Mel and Rudy Garza have fun.  They met about five years ago on a movie set where they played a happily married couple.  It wasn't the first time they had been mistaken for husband and wife.  However, both are happily married but not to each other.  Now, that's KSK Trivia and the first rumor of the week.  NO!  Rudy and I aren't married.  And today wasn't our anniversary or my birthday!  You got to love Johnny Rock!

Taylor flies solo behind the camera.

Dr. Mel and Louis share a dance.

Taylor still flying solo.  He really had a great time working the camera.  Thank you Taylor for your help and dedication to The Keystroke Killer.

Yes, I jumped in to capture a special moment of Gypsy Elise and Challa Sabree.

Dr. Mel and Tim have fun dancing the night away.

Susie Labry and Dr. Mel.  Susie was one of the first people Dr. Mel met in the film industry . "Susie taught me the ropes of how to be an extra on a film set,"  She is a special friend to me.  Thank you Susie for all that you do for the film industry in Hollywood South.

The slow dance of the night.  Anyone know who I was dancing with?????

This looks like trouble with a capital T.

Now I am dancing with Jerry Lopez Jr.

The many looks of Wanda Leigh.

Claire Murphy Ward and Dr. Mel.  They look like sisters.  In fact, my own sister Caylen, went up to Claire and gave her a hug thinking it was me.  I think I need to see my sister more often.  But Claire does look more like my sister than my own sister.

Tina Rubin and Dr. Mel always have a great time together.

Not sure where we were going.  But at least he wasn't chocking me this time.

When Robby speaks, everyone listens!


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  2. Great awesome congrats to all. Looking forward to the next few years.

  3. Another wonderful read Dr Mel! Can we all share a slice of your red velet cake? And to All the Skype ksk auditoners "Severe the cable line"