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Dr. Mel Caudle, Producer/Screenwriter/Author
AUGUST 2, 2011

What About James Woods or Brad Pitt?
The KSK Casting Data Base
Update on KSK Casting Process

By Dr. Melissa Caudle

WOW!!  I don't even think the picture here, on the right, really tells the whole story of the last three weeks for the KSK casting team.  Why?  To do our jobs requires each of us to have at a minimum two computers.  Robby, uses three computers and I use four all at the same time.  It is a massive process to go from 4,200 online auditions to 600, for the call backs, and then narrow it down to the 62 cast members needed to make The Keystroke Killer. 

When we began this process there were many naysayers telling me that I would never be able to find quality talent.  They laughed at me just for the notion that I was adamant to find the actors this way.  Not only were there naysayers, there were the doubters and the name callers.  The doubters questioned whether or not the project was real or if it were a scam.  Forums from Actor's Access to Back Stage were filled with comments both supporting the project and being cautious about it. 

In reality, I was glad to see actors taking the cautious side because in this business scams do exist. But, all of that has calmed down as the industry in a whole sees that KSK is a force to be reckoned with in this process and in Hollywood South.  

In fact, many are following in our footsteps; from Tyler Perry projects to other independent producers, such as  Todd E. Bradley of China White.  Someone wrote me and asked if I was mad that Todd was doing the same thing.  Of course I AM NOT!  I'm honored that a fellow independent filmmaker likes my idea and I offered him all the help I can provide and willingly share things I learned, both the successes and failures in this process.  Besides, Todd is my colleague as a filmmaker and producer and is an award winning director who one day I hope to have the privilege to work with him on a project.  So, Todd, if you're interested, give me a call!  

Additionally, as I was finishing up this blog, Lynly Ehrlich posted on Facebook that she is starting a new project and is going to tap into the talent from the KSK talent pool.  Another project announced on Actor's Access that for anyone who submits their audition to make sure they put in their submission notes that they are KSK members.  This doesn't surprise me at all considering the number of talented actors that have been cast in a variety of roles, both leading and supporting, in major film and television series from their online auditions submitted for The Keystroke Killer.  And, I'm not kidding or telling a lie, I just got off the phone with another producer who wanted to tell me personally he had hired one of the actors from the KSK site.  Whew! I don't think this type of camaraderie between producers and casting directors has ever existed. If anything, I really take pride that in someway this process I envisioned is helping others to reach their dreams.

The Keystroke Killer associate Producer Robby Cook Stroud and Producer, Dr. Mel Caudle celebrate the end of Stage 3 of the casting process.  Stage 4 is almost complete with putting actors into call back groups and setting their time, date, and location .  We will begin Stage 5 at 830 AM in Los Angeles for the official face-to-face call backs.  Break a leg ya'll.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

James Woods and Brad Pitt are two of my favorite actors.  They really are.  And, I can't leave out Sir Anthony Hopkins either.  So, what sets these actors apart from the rest of the A-List that hangs in Hollywood?  I know them and a lot more.  Really!  I have worked with the finest actors Hollywood has to offer.  I've seen them.  I have their private phone numbers, E-mails, addresses, and more.  In fact, we send text messages all of the time.  Stay with me as there is a point to this message.

Know one can deny the fact that Pitt, Woods, Cruz, Jolie, Costner, Gibson, are recognized last names in Hollywood.  I actually was in the National Enquirer with Kevin Costner.  I'll save that story for a different blog as it is very funny and involves my father having read the article in a barber shop and he called me.  We all know these A-List Actors.  What bothers me is not everyone has heard of the last names, much less the first names, of some of the finest actors in this business - the KSK Core Actor Group.  I'm going to change that.  In fact, I am not only to change that, together we are going to reach our dreams.

I have already turned downed numerous A-List actors for the roles of Matthew, Snead, Hammer, Lorenzo, Blaze, and more.  Recently, I have been bombarded with phone calls and E-mails from agents and managers who represent some of Hollywood's A-list as they are finally coming around and hearing about The Keystroke Killer.  Funny, none of you had that problem.  You have been right there with me and my team from the beginning. You had faith to take the elevator ride with me. Why would I change that now?  I know from the bottom of my heart the actors who I cast from the face-to-face auditions will be our next A-List actors in Hollywood.  How?

When I sit with heads of major studios and I show them some of  the auditions and they ask, "Where have they been?"  My answer is a simple one, "No one gave them the chance."  Now, all of you have that chance as I have turned down A-list actors because they did not follow directions and never got onto the elevator on the ground floor and you are getting recognition. I have repeatedly turned down A-list actors because they did not submit an online audition.  I have my integrity and I'm not going back on my word.  That is how much respect I have for each of you in the KSK membership.  Let's all stay on the elevator together.  I believe in you!

By Robby Stroud

During the last couple of weeks, I have personally received phone calls from other producers and casting directors asking Dr. Mel and I for recommendations and sent us their breakdowns.  Several even came by the office and wanted to see our "Casting Binder."  Well, we don't have one since everything was and is done online.  After several of them begged me to please collect hard copies, as they would love to come by and look at the KSK talent pool to pick from, we decided that it was a great idea.  Therefore, send a hard copy of your resume to On the Lot Productions, LLC at:

STE. 102/158
KENNER, LA 70065  

Essentially, it will also help Dr. Mel and OTLP  in the casting process for our next project coming up after this one.  That film, A.D.A.M., also written by Dr. Mel Caudle, is a really interesting film based on scientific findings from NASA on a new life form that was discovered on the bottom of Lake Mono.  At first, I thought Dr. Mel had lost her mind and that she had made all of that up about NASA and an alien life form that lives off of arsenic.  I don't know why I doubted her.  She knows a lot about science and physics.  And, Dr. Mel is personally planning on casting from the KSK database.  You will have to submit online auditions, but at least we'll know you in advance..  

After that, comes a film called West Nile Virus.  Dr. Mel has a screenwriting partner for this film which leans toward giving the film a different point of view.  It is really awesome to see Dr. Mel working collaboratively with another creative mind. And, that film really has a huge element of surprise and I can't wait for Dr. Mel to hold a press conference on this one.  I have a feeling, Hollywood and Hollywood South won't know what hit them.  Just know when she makes that announcement everyone will find themselves saying, "Holy sh....," and your jaw will drop open because you won't be able guess this outcome in a million years.  When I found out, it took my breath away so I can just imagine what it will do to you.  So, stay tuned to Dr. Mel's Message as this develops and you can expect an announce either just before the New Orleans auditions or right after them.  You really won't want to miss this HUGE announcement from Dr. Mel.

By Vicky Thomas, KSK Casting Director

We are in Stage 4 of the casting process for The Keystroke Killer.  As far as casting is concerned for The Keystroke Killer, all call back notifications have been sent, with the exception for the children, 911 operator, stripper, E-mail announcer, as these are specialty roles.  Sorry in advance, but casting these roles will require individual attention.  These will be done after other actors are in place.

I realized there was a little confusion early in the week.  Again, I apologize as I was having to learn a whole new program for casting I have never used before.  Then all of sudden, Dr. Mel had a medical "Tooth" emergency and albeit, I attempted to hold down the fort and process the information for all of you.  But, in the end, I keep remembering Dr. Mel's words of wisdom - "There is order in chaos."

Dr. Mel double checking the Golden Spread Sheet.