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On Loan from New Orleans by Dr. Mel Caudle
Radio Talk Show with Brian "The Hammer" Jackson
Getting Ready for Callbacks New Orleans Style
Update on 40 and Leroy
Jaq's Acting Studio

On Loan from New Orleans
By Dr. Mel Caudle

Los Angeles from the air.
The day had finally arrived for Robby and I to pack our things and head to Hollywood.  The scene was set.  We had thought about this day for months in preparation for the callback auditions from the Los Angeles KSK members.  Our excitement, as well as our anticipation, were at the highest peak possible.  I can honestly say, we felt as we had already won the Gold Medal in the Summer 2012 Olympics for the USA team.  In reality, we already had.  Anyone with any kind of sense would know that.  How?

The world audience who follow us only need to look at the The Keystroke Killer Fan Site on Facebook to know that we had already discovered the Olympic Actor Champions.  By fate or by fluke, the best of the best in the acting community from all over the world had already assembled and presented their Gold Medal performances when they submitted their online audition reels for The Keystroke Killer.  Robby and I are now given the ultimate responsibility of narrowing the field of champions to a select few who would be representing the final cast of our film The Keystroke Killer.

Dr. Mel on her way to Los Angeles.
Notice the guy in the background.
Robby and I felt like United States film royalty as we boarded our separate planes.  We flew separately just in case Judas decided to play a trick on either one of us and one plane didn't arrive.  Just kidding.  Those were the only flights available at the time.  Robby arrived hours ahead of me and had the honor of meeting Jack Curenton face-to-face first.  Jack, who had already been cast in The Keystroke Killer from his online audition volunteered to pick Robby up from the airport.  So, while she was sight seeing on Hollywood Blvd., I was on the plane.  And, fate struck once again.  I took a picture of me, and in the background, a strange man was looking over my shoulder.  It looks a little creepy.  However, believe it or not, that same man was on my flight home.  We even joked about it.

Robby Cook Stroud on her first day in Hollywood, CA

Once I arrived, I settled into our diggs where we would be spending the next nine days.  We knew we needed plenty of rest to prepare for the big face-to-face auditions.  But NO!!!!  As we settled in for the night, an earthquake registering on the 4.8 scale greeted us and then again the following morning.  The chat on The Keystroke Killer Facebook site went crazy saying that the earthquake was nothing more than all of the KSK members jumping up and down to celebrate that Robby and I arrived in town.  Needless to say, feeling an earthquake can be rather unsettling.  At least in New Orleans, we have warning of a hurricane and can get out of Dodge.  My favorite comment of the night came from one of our members who at the time of the earthquake had just started to play the video I had posted just before leaving for Los Angeles.  As the earthquake hit, Judas' voice started his narration and she said she freaked out.  I can still visualize her story as she recanted it to me at the Saturday night's party at the V Lounge.  It was all just too funny.

Our arrival into Los Angeles didn't go unnoticed by the New Orleans Fan base.  They continually reminded their Los Angeles family that Robby and I were simply, "ON LOAN," and would be coming home shortly.  New Orleans members Challa Sabree, Jerry Lopez, and Timothy Wyant made it clear that they would come and get us if we didn't return.  Rest Da Boyz, we made in back home and New Orleans auditions will be tomorrow. However, Da Girlz of Los Angeles AKA JUDAS' ANGELS had something to say about that.  Look what Lee Ann Wol, Mesha McDaniels, and Leah Stolz.

Can you imagine the week we had if I have spent three paragraphs of the blog on just the first night?  The rest of the time in Los Angeles was just as awesome as the first.  And, to quote Matthew, "The nights quickly turned into day," as the activities and meetings were non-stop.  We even saw some of the KSK members on television and on commercials like John Henry Richardson featured below.  We also want to wish John a speedy recovery as he was shooting on another set and suffered a stunt injury with a sword.

John Henry Richardson
In a commercial airing in Los Angeles

Dr. Mel and Jack Curenton showing off the
callback buttons for The Keystroke Killer.
Helping us out during the day and volunteering their talents were Jack Curenton, who was PA, craft services, producer's assistant, associate producer assistant, cameraman, reader, secretary and button maker.  And, I thought I wore a lot of hats.  Also, a special thanks to Jamie Alyson and Vanessa Ross, who volunteered to read all of the Blaze, Mag, Jennie, and Kelly roles when needed and to Jason Tobias who read for Matthew with several of those auditioning for Dr. Elizabeth Wright and Janice Thompson.  Also, a special thanks to Haunnard Uribe and Onarius for working the camera for two days.  

The first day of auditions left both of us in amazement.  Every actor who came to the callback auditions brought their "A-Game."  There were many who delivered such powerful auditions that I can't get them out of my mind.  By next week, I will have a highlight reel of some of the outstanding Los Angeles auditions such as James Karnes, DH Lewis, Jeff Grays, Bobbie Lee, Julie Wions,Evan Boymel, Jeffrey Jordan, Jamie Alyson, Christopher Callen, Allen Dipetro, Chris Swirles, Jason Tobias, Vanessa Ross, and so many, many more.

The competition is strong.  Some of the performances had us crying while others had us scared to death or laughing hysterically.  Emotions were strong in the room as was the chemistry between the actors.  I have to say that the pairing up of the actors into scenes provided exactly what Robby and I needed to capture. Next week, we will post a highlight reel with the top performances in every character from both Los Angeles and New Orleans.


To say Dr. Mel and I  took Hollywood by a storm, or should I say storms, including two earthquakes and a heat wave within the first 24 hrs of arriving is an under statement.  And, if anyone should know it is  me as I have made my living as a FEMA inspector working disaster relief. Haha!!

One thing I know for certain is that I have spread the love my grandmother instilled in me to LACA, and I got it back ten fold.

I can’t remember a day in my life when I felt as if  I was walking on air!  Los Angeles really made Dr. Mel and I feel special and wanted.  The talent and generosity that was in LACA was indescribable.  We both felt at home.

Additionally , it’s  the first time I have met Jack Curenton, who was cast to KSK by his online audition. When he picked me up at the airport, it was like seeing my brother for the first time in years.  How does that happen?

I believe that just maybe Dr. Mel knows what she is talking about when last week she described the KSK Relationship Theory.  It works!  Also what has worked is the online audition process for The Keystroke Killer followed by the face-to-face auditions.

This brings me back to Jack and the rest of the LACA KSK Family.  To meet everyone at the auditions was like a family reunion.  I simply was overwhelmed and couldn’t give out enough hugs.  We all cried, laughed, hugged, reminisced,  played, and partied together.  What a welcome!!!  What an audition process!  What a KSK group!

The KSK group has allowed us to meet some very special and talented people that I feel will be in my life for a very long time.   You know who you are as we have shared stories of our own lives, and special moments we never expected.

Robby Cook Stroud and Onarius
When LACA and NOLA were fighting over us it made us feel like we belong in both places.  Where is Judas when we needed him or Dr. Garrick Angela to clone us.  We just might have to get an apartment in Hollywood too. Luckily, we have some irons in the fire that will bring us back to LACA very soon, more on that later.

The Keystroke Killer project has brought so many of us together and nothing will be able to pull us apart.  Also, you know what they say about firsts - they can never be repeated.  KSK is special and will always be in Dr. Mel’s and my thoughts.  With you, we set the standard of what Hollywood and Hollywood South can expect in the future.  You better hold on tight to the “KSK snowball”  as it is moving very fast down the hill.  And like snowballs as the roll downhill they grow rapidly.  As Kevin, AKA Ava StClaire, says, “May the force be with you!” I know it is.

The KSK Family is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood and Hollywood South.

As we met everyone we gave out hugs as if we had known each other forever and it was so real.. I want to thank all of ya’ll for making this a memory of a lifetime.

There was one person we didn’t get to spend any time with,  John Henry Richardson. He didn’t make it to the party since he was injured on the set of Castlemania on Friday . He broke his wrist and finger and slashed his shoulder in a sword fight, it’s all in a days work as an actor, and we wouldn’t exchange it for anything.   Get well soon and I’ll see you when I get back to LACA!!

Dr. Mel and I felt like celebrities at the party on Saturday night. Everyone wanted to talk and dance with us.  I asked Dr. Mel, “Since when do we come to LACA and have a party of 200 guests including actors, agents, and producers and we are the celebrities?” Well, maybe not, but that is exactly how we felt. It was a night to remember forever.

Trace Schroeder and Dr. Mel dancing the night away at the V Lounge in Santa Monica
For all the others we didn’t get to know, there will be plenty of more family reunions to come.  And speaking of family reunions, I got to meet up with my son, James Cook II and his girlfriend, Emily Zaner, at DFW airport when my plane had a three hour layover in Dallas.  It was a special moment I got to share with my son.

By Dr. Mel and Robby

Wow!  We were both overwhelmed at the talent that we witnessed over a two day period of the callback auditions for Los Angeles.  Of course we do not have room to highlight every audition, but wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight several auditions that were a complete surprise to us in their performances.

We came into the Los Angeles auditions process with our favorites in mind.  We just knew who would get what role, but the unexpected happened as actor after actor brought their "A Games."  Here are just a couple of the surprises and outstanding callback auditions.

To start us off, the KSK team slated each group at once which speeded up the process as actors were moved in and out of groups to read with different actors as in this video.

Then, as the two days surfaced many surprising performances by the actors surfaced.  Take a look at the following videos and the auditions.

First up, James Karnes, as Kyle Flores, who had Robby and I in tears.  We never expected the performance James delivered.  In fact, we thought for sure who we were going to cast in this role based on the online auditions.  But No!!!!!  The favorite going into the callbacks could have possibly be upstaged by this callback audition.  Now we have our hands full to decide who gets what.

Take a look at the surprise audition of the day as well as listen to me at the end of the video explain the real experience from my life that inspired this scene.

Then the unforgettable performances of Bobbie Lee as the gunman and Jeffrey Grays as Milo.  Okay, I admit it.  I didn't even want Jeffrey Grays to audition for Milo.  In fact, I never saw him as Milo and only saw him as Peterson.  I admitted I was wrong after Jeffrey and Bobbie Lee gave this powerful callback audition featuring the roles of the gunman and Milo and I also provide insight into this scene from my life.

The heat is on for these two characters as the favorites going into this audition have fierce competition.  Wow!!!!  These performances cannot be denied recognition.

Also bringing us to tears was Jeffrey Jordan, in an impromtu performance of Robby Ziegar, when I asked him to give me something different.  You could hear a pin drop as he took command of the room with the "Dead."  I can't describe the feeling as Jeffrey provided  the tender loving care to a corpse we could only visualize.  The two days were chalked full of fabulous Robby Ziegars including Blanca Avalos and Nancy DeBoe.  But, then Jeffrey came and blew us away.  Again, the competition is fierce. Take a look at this callback video.

To bring a little comic relief, the performance of Julie Wions as Meagan Montgomery brought the house down.  At the end, Jack Curenton, who was the reader with Julie, said, "I know now why politicians get into trouble."  Trust me when I say we needed the comic relief of this audition.  We had already visited a funeral of a child, the gentle care of a corpse, and the longing of a father with DH Lewis and Billy Mayo with the Landlord.  We needed a break.  Julie provided the exact moment after following several other actors who auditioned for Meagan Montgomery.  In fact, Julie was cast on the spot - the only actor that day who received this honor.

Take a look at this commanding and attention getting audition.  Way to go Julie and welcome officially to the cast of KSK.



We also were very surprised by the audition by Anthony Castillo, who just returned from his honeymoon, as Dr. Frank Franklin.  What a creepy performance as he transformed from the good doctor to the evil.  This too was an unexpected take on Dr. Frank Franklin that we fell in love with.  Take a look.

Also of fun were the auditions of Jamie Alyson and Vanessa Ross who also served as our readers for other actors.  Thank you girls.  And, as a special way to thank each of you, we have included  the audition you did together.  This video is of Jamie as Blaze and Vanessa as Mag.  BTW, both auditioned for the role of Blaze.  Take a look at this chemistry.

Also of importance are the auditions of Mesha McDaniels and Graham Clarke for the CNC News Anchor.  I combined both of their auditions to come up with this montage.  The competition is strong as there were plenty of other CNC News Anchors to choose from.

Then, of course, I would be remiss if I didn't feature the one and only Tele, who now has a fan club, and the only animal to officially get a callback audition.

Tele waiting for his callback notification from
The Keystroke Killer
Robby and I also finally got to meet Tele, Trace Schroeder's dog.  OMG!!!  That dog is simply fabulous.  I love him.  And, by the kisses from Tele, I think he loves me too.  I teased Trace and asked him, "What if I cast Tele and not you?"  He laughed and said he really didn't care even if he had to sweep floors he wanted to be a part of KSK.

Tele waiting in the waiting area for his callback for KSK.

Trace Schroeder auditioning for Matthew
Jamie Alyson auditioning for Blaze
Tele auditioning for Matthew's Dog
If auditions are any indication of the powerful actors to cast, then The Keystroke Killer, is going to knock the world off its axis.


Every night after the auditions we went to dinner with KSK members.  The first night, we all landed at the 504 Lounge to celebrate my local New Orleans Saints team.  We felt that it was only fitting.  Joining us that evening was Jack Curenton, Gina Lee, Jamie Alyson, Huannard Uribe, and Graham Clark.  Graham just happened to be the last person to audition on Thursday.  We called the evening early so we would all be fresh for Friday.

Graham Clarke and Dr. Mel at the 504 Lounge

Jamie Alyson listens to Graham Clarke at the 504 Lounge
Friday night many of our members, including Summer Sinclair, attended a Karaoke Broadway spectacular event.  The quality of the performances amazed us, as did Summer's vocal performance of the evening. I was able to make a great connection with Dr. Levitz, a UCLA music theory professor, who treated me to my own theme song I wrote for The Keystroke Killer.

Saturday night, at the V Lounge, was the Wrap Party to the Los Angeles Auditions.  The entire club was packed with KSK members and it was wall to wall.

Summer Sinclair, DH Lewis, and Stephen Griffin dance the night away at the V Lounge.

It finally hit me that night just how special KSK has become.  I have never heard of any film ever having a wrap party for auditions.  Another first for all of us.  And, the funniest thing was when I was dancing with all of "The Matthew's" at one time and then all of the Milo's.  Now, that was a great time.

A very special thanks to Jack Curenton and Stephen Beal for putting this all together.

Stephen Beal and Dr. Mel at the V Lounge
Dr. Mel and Evan Boymel at the V Lounge
"Things could be worse!"  Dr. Mel

Robby, Ava StClaire, and Dr. Mel
Da Girlz of KSK


Robby and Stephen dance the night away at the V Lounge.

Jeffrey Grays and Dr. Mel Caudle
This is the man Dr. Mel had her first dance of the evening with.

The crown goes wild at the KSK party in Los Angeles at the V Lounge.

I also was able to reconnect with my son-in-law, Haunnard Uribe, and my adopted son Shannon Farrow who I haven't seen for quite sometime.  It is always great to reconnect.

Haunnard Uribe and Shannon Farrow

Sunday was a day of rest and decompression for us.  We were joined by Sheila and Vanessa Ross before they headed back to San Francisco.

I have to relax at some point and spent the day at the pool taking in the Los Angeles heatwave and Mexican food.

And, did I mention that the weather was blistering hot.  A heatwave in Los Angeles the entire time Robby and I were there.  Of course, as luck would have it, the cool weather came in the day we left for New Orleans.  As the saying goes, "WTF!"

Monday we had lots of meetings and we toured a wardrobe studio with Kevin, the one and only  Ava StClaire.  I felt like we had stepped into a Hollywood history costume museum as costume after costume were explored. I got to hold Tony Tenille's costume, Bette Milder's costume from Hokus Pokus, the medieval costumes from the new ABC series Once Upon a Time,  and many, many more.  And, of course, some of my favorite costumes from the 1960s.

Dr. Mel and Kevei in the wardrobe department.
Dr. Mel holding up Bette Mildler's costume
from the movie Hocus Pokus

Every night provided a surprise.  We were treated to a home cooked dinner at Jeffrey Jordan's house and a special night of magical entertainment by Stephen Beal at The Magic Kingdom on our last night.  The food and company was fantastic, but the entertainment topped off the evening with illusions and mysticism.  Wow!  I got the surprise of a lifetime as Stephen did several card tricks for us that blew me away.  I'm still trying to figure these out.  Then, I was one of the audience members who was treated to a mind reading illusion and, the magician did in fact read my mind.  I know I wasn't a plant and what I was thinking there was no way for anyone to have known.

The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA

Dr. Mel at The Magic Castle
Stephen Beal, Jack Curenton, Jamie Alyson, Dr. Mel, Haunnard Uribe, and Lisa Novotny
These were just some of the highlights from my trip to Los Angeles callbacks.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

Just as exciting were the auditions and events during our time in Los Angeles, we didn't go unrecognized by the press.  In fact, we had two radio interviews, two days in a row, and a television interview on Hollywood Blvd by Reelz TV..  No kidding.  Robby and I hadn't been on Hollywood Blvd. for more than two minutes, before a camera showed up wanting to interview us.

Thanks to Suzzane Breitenbach, co-producer with me on China White, she set up an interview for Todd Bradley, director of China White, and separate one for me.  The first interview went so great that I was asked back for an additional interview the next day.  KSK members lit up the board to ask questions.

Check out the two links below if you want to listen to both interviews.

Interview with Dr. Melissa Caudle by Brian The Hammer - August 13, 2012

Interview with Dr. Melissa Caudle by Brian The Hammer - August 14, 2012

Also, tomorrow, Friday August 17, 2012 Brian "The Hammer" Jackson radio show will be hosting a show in which they want actors to audition over the radio to a group of celebrity judges.  If you are chosen, you will be featured and your reels and headshots will be featured.  Casting information from several casting directors will also be available.  If you want to participate, call the radio show at 646-595-3032 at 10 AM Los Angeles time and NOON if you are in New Orleans.  You can also listen to the show at the links provided above.  Brian's show is really fun and entertaining and I highly recommend you joining in on the fun.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

Tomorrow is the big audition for New Orleans for their participation and selection into THE KEYSTROKE KILLER.  Robby and I are looking forward to seeing what New Orleans talent brings to the table.  I have a feeling that they won't let us down as the talent pool in Louisiana is very strong.

Like, Los Angeles, there is a Wrap Party for NOLA auditions on Saturday night August 18, 2012 at the Riverhouse 509 Williams Blvd. in Kenner, LA.  Challa and Gypsy have been planning this party.  Our entertainment of the evening will be no other than our fabulous Gypsy Elise and Ryan DeSade on keyboards.  All KSK members are invited as well as a guest.  It is also my understanding that Challa Sabree will also perform with Gypsy a special song to celebrate The Keystroke Killer.

Times and location for New Orleans callbacks have been posted on the private website as well as personal emails.  If you haven't received yours for New Orleans, please contact Robby immediately through her email or the callback email provided.


Director Reed McCants

The latest installment episode for 40 and Leroy is out with a guest star performance by an actor from Californication.  You'll have to tune in to find out who as well as find out who has abducted Leroy as the identity is revealed in this episode.

If you are just now joining into the fun of this fabulous sitcom, directed and created by Reed McCants, it isn't too late.  You can start from the beginning by going to

Also, be sure to subscribe to get your alerts for new episodes as they are posted.

3121 Metairie Road, Metairie, LA

I think it is clear as to how I feel about an actor honing their craft - it is a must to stay competitive in this industry.  I can personally say, that Jaq's Acting Studio is one of the best in the New Orleans area.  I personally know Jaq Flemming and the quality of classes she provides and highly recommend her studio.

Jaqueline Fleming, Nicoya Banks, Sharon Leal, Blair Underwood, and Zoe Carter at the premiere of
Woman Thou art Loosed: On the 7th Day
JAQ’s Acting Studio is an acting boot camp welcoming ages 3 to adult. Whether you need your skills fine tuned or are just starting out, we are here to help. The studio was founded by Los Angeles actress and acting coach Jaqueline Fleming in 1997. Jaqueline has been in show business for over 35 years and understands that solid training is the key to being a successful working actor. Jaqueline is not only an actress and acting coach but also a collaborative individual and understands exposure is extremely important in addition to training. She provides opportunities for her students to be seen by agents, casting directors and producers. All classes are taught by credited teachers with an extensive background in film, television and theatre. Merging Hollywood with Hollywood South.

Jaqueline Fleming A.K.A. “JAQ” is an Actress and the Owner of Jaq’s Acting Studio and Jaq Entertaiment, which is a FILM/TV production house in New Orleans.

Jaqueline Fleming grew up in New York and has been acting since the age of 8 years and is no stranger to the Big Screen in Hollywood.

As an actress, Jaqueline is mostly known for her role as Lisa Martin in the epic love film, “Love Jones” starring Larenz Tate and Nia Long and as Queen Latifah’s Country western singing sister in the film, “Last Holiday” and as the sex kitten in the film, “Just My Luck” starring Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine.
Jaqueline has done more than 40 films and guest starred on tons of Network TV shows and commercials and has performed across the country for the last 20 years in various stage plays.

Some of her recent credits include, National Geographic’s IMAX 3D Film, “Hidden Worlds”, Tim Burton’s, “Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter”,where she portrays Harriet Tubman opposite Anthonie Mackie, TD Jakes Film, “Woman Thou Art Loosed:On the Seventh Day”, where she is opposite Blaire Underwood and Sharon Leal and the soon to be released action-thriller, “Contraband”, opposite Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale. Check her out in the Sundance nominated film “The Ledge” in which Jaqueline Stars opposite Terrence Howard as his wife. She was also recurring on the Hit HBO series, “Treme”, season 1 and opposite Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis in the #1 Action Thriller, “Red.”

Jaqueline left the bright lights of Hollywood and now resides in New Orleans a.k.a Hollywood South. She came here in 2008 for a New Years Eve party and was struck by the need that still existed in the city post Katrina and decided to stay and help make a difference.

She has been an active volunteer in the community of New Orleans spending time at Children’s Hospital with kids who suffer from cancer and leukemia and has participated in after school programs and outreach programs for youths in trouble all throughout Louisiana.
In addition to her volunteer work, Jaqueline is helping to impact the entertainment industry here by helping to discover the future stars of Hollywood and Hollywood South.

Since opening her acting studio in New Orleans in January 2008 , Jaqueline has launched the acting careers of students like Taylor Ruffin who stars on the Hit NBC TV series, “My Parents, My Sister and Me.” Starring Jasmine Guy and directed by Debbie Allen. Taylor Ruffin has also starred in 6 feature films since studying under Jaqueline Fleming and will debut opposite Meagan Good and Ruby Dee in the feature film, “Video Girl.”

Jaqueline also launched the career of Aaliyah Paul who stars in the new series to be released in the fall, “Jk’s House” starring Robin Givens and has her film debut in “Video Girl” as Meagan Good as a little girl. She has helped countless students at her acting studio including her protégés Ra’jel Nelson and Michaela Smith who just starred in the movie, “Kiss the Bride” opposite Darren Henson and Persia White of the hit TV series Girlfriends. Ra’Jel recently landed a cameo appearance in the film, The Hungry Rabbit” starring Nicholas Cage. Two of her other students, Gralen Banks and John McCann have gone on to have recurring roles on the HBO series “Treme” and The TNT series “Memphis Beats. She has helped countless acting students land acting roles in movies and tv shows all throughout Louisiana and Atlanta.

Jaqueline’s presence here in New Orleans is also helping to make a difference in the lives of urban youth by giving them a positive and creative outlet thru artistic expression. She has inspired them to reach high and has helped 90% of the actors at her studio go onto fulfill their dreams as entertainers. Goals that have become realistic and reachable for many that didn’t think it was possible or understand how to connect the dots to make it possible.

Jaqueline’s Studio has become a one stop shop for actors and models in the industry. She has a team of partners that range from photographers, web designers, talent agents, publicist, casting directors, producers, directors that are all tied into the studio and the production company. There are a lot of opportunities and resources at the studio and the studio also offers acting workshops for kids-adults in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Not only is Jaqueline Fleming a successful actress and business woman, she is a role model to the youth in Louisiana and young women all across America.


I know everyone is waiting to catch a glimpse of the original short film The Keystroke Killer.  I have fantastic news.  I have permission to make a "Sizzle Reel" from clips of the original film.  The good news, it will tell a story and have over half of the original film it it.  This is the best I can do until the final project is produced.  Then, more than likely, the short film will be an added bonus to the DVD sales package.  But, at least you will get a glimpse of it in a week or two as soon as I find time to edit it.  And, yes!  I have to edit it myself as no one can have access to it.  You would think I was in Fort Knox or something or at the minimum holding confidential CIA government experimental secrets.  Watch out for the black stealth helicopters now.

Unitl next week,

Much love,

Dr. Mel and Robby