Thursday, September 6, 2012



September 6, 2012


The day has finally arrived that the KSK Casting Team can announce the final cast selection for the upcoming film, THE KEYSTROKE KILLER.  After five long grueling months, 4,200 online auditions and more than 600 callbacks, we have decided.  

Now before you go scrolling through the blog looking for the list, it won't be there.  But, do not worry.  We have put together, with the help of Judas, an announcement video.  So, go get your drink and popcorn and then come back and watch the presentation.  Oh!  One more thing.  Please hold your congratulatory posts on Facebook until tomorrow night  to allow everyone to have their own surprise viewing the announcement.  This is a very special moment for these cast members.  Congratulations to all of you.  WE HAVE MADE HOLLYWOOD HISTORY!  


AND THE CAST OF KSK IS............................


This has been really two-weeks from hell for me.  Between the evacuation to Shreveport, then returning home to no electricity and finding out that four of my rooms in my house received water damage, and then to top it off, I rejected two of my front teeth implants AGAIN.  Ouch!!!  So, I spent all day Tuesday this week at the dentist, and now they are at a loss as to why I keep rejecting the teeth.  So, I am in a wait and watch mode until they figure something out.  


Now on to better news.  I just recently wrote a business plan for a five-film package deal and will be submitting it to my manager and the investors on Monday.  If all goes well, I'll get funding for five more films, back to back, which means the KSK family is going to be very busy over the next two years.  The films I have in my package deal are:

The film A.D.A.M. is up first and our casting team will be notifying actors from the KSK group to submit auditions for specific roles.  Because of the time frame of A.D.A.M. we are doing the auditions a bit different.  To narrow this procedure, we are looking through all of the head shots that actors submitted to OLTP and from our membership to see who fits the specific role.  We will base this on several factors.  If the KSK Casting team feels that you are right for the part, we will notify you to submit an online audition.  So, if you didn't make the cast for KSK, you still have a chance for one of these five films.  

Likewise, during the call backs in both Los Angeles and New Orleans, Dr. Mel placed several actors in the West Nile Virus pool and just recently in the A.D.A.M. pool.  By next week, you should start getting your invitation to submit an audition from Jack Curenton, our A.D.A.M. casting director.

Hello to all A.D.A.M. members and fans. I want to say that it is truly my pleasure to be a part of the casting process for this wonderful project and to give you some of the 411 on the process. It is our intention to begin moving rapidly through the casting phase and onto production even prior to filming “The Keystroke Killer”. We can do so because A.D.A.M. has a smaller cast and fewer location requirements.


We will be INVITING individuals to audition for selected parts, AND ONLY FOR THE PARTS SELECTED. 

The decision for what parts you will be asked to audition for will be made by Dr Melissa Caudle, Robby Cook Stroud and myself. Those chosen to audition for A.D.A.M. are mostly from the auditions we have already reviewed during the KSK casting process. However, we may ask some of you who are members of the A.D.A.M. page to also submit. So, if you didn’t audition for KSK, you may still be called to do so here.

Very soon, I will set up a page on YouTube where your audition videos are to be placed. 

We have seen 2100+ KSK member’s videos; (totaling over 4100 submissions!!) we have a pretty good idea of your abilities. Now, we will invite a select group of you to show us your abilities for the characters in A.D.A.M.

Those chosen will be notified by us. Please do NOT submit for a part other than what we ask you for.... 

Please do NOT submit unless you have been requested to do so. Unrequested/posted auditions will be deleted from the page. (And you will have grievously broken Rule #3)

Please DO NOT post in the A.D.A.M. page (or IM/email us) asking us to check to see if we have your info/headshots/resume, your submission to KSK or A.D.A.M. We have all we need to begin the process. Should we need more, we will request it from you.

This A.D.A.M. page is going to be a very active page for CASTING, so let’s try to limit posts to A.D.A.M. so that we can reduce clutter and thusly, important casting messages don’t get lost down the page because of chat posts.

OK, so now for a reality check, with over 2400 members to the KSK and A.D.A.M. pages, and only about 60 parts in KSK and a dozen more in A.D.A.M. your chances of being cast are about 1 in 10 in these first projects. (based on those who got a callback for KSK)

However, this is going to be one of the most casting rich sites you have an opportunity to be a part of, because we have another 5 feature length films we will be casting in the near future and more scripts are pouring in daily because of our success with KSK. 

You’re chances are very good of being a part in one of our current and future project. So hang in there and keep being the Best You that you can be.

Also, we have some very important news coming soon that will again change this industry…and all for the betterment of our members. Stay tuned for more on that….

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck on the second movie casting by On the Lot Productions LLC.

Best regards, Jack E Curenton.