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JULY 12, 2012

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Graphic by Nick Brady


I can't believe another week has passed since writing my last blog. I guess it is true that time flies fast when you're having fun. And, fun is exactly what I have had over the last week. First, I traveled to Orange Beach, AL with my husband and my oldest daughter's family to celebrate the 4th of July.  Taking my grandsons to the beach and swimming was a very special time for me as I raised my own children at this very same beach.  Memories flooded my mind one after the other as I sat in amazement watching them build sand castles and find seashells. Of course, the family outings for dinner or to the park provided joy as well.

I also was able to spend time writing and re-writing Transcendence, the pilot film for The Keystroke Killer. This time, I was able to isolate certain areas to bring out the plot and the characters even stronger than before. In some instances, two minor characters were developed for additional scenes and plot development. I'll hold that a surprise for now as to which ones, but I am really very happy with the outcome. 

In about another two weeks, I will be holding the group chat of the KSK members I chose to discuss the new opening.  It is nothing like the original, in fact, it is more daring and exciting as from the very first moment we have to hold our breath.  You'll find yourself asking, "What the hell just happened?" and the answer won't be revealed up until the last word of the final scene. Needless to say, I am very excited about the re-write.  For the first time in my life I understand what Syd Field teaches, "Screenwriting is re-writing."

Another interesting and upsetting fact occurred while I was at Orange Beach, Al as well.  A homeless woman tried to kidnap a six-year-old. A nearby 14-year-old alerted the parents and other adults and the kidnapping was thwarted.  Talk about being scared. Just the thought that this happened made me sick to my stomach, especially since I was at the very sane beach the same time with my grandchildren. I only bring this up because I salute the 14-year-old and the adults in the area for intervening and thwarting the kidnapping attempt.  I think most of our society is afraid to get involved. However, I have found that as a society we are more caring about each other than we want to admit.  With this said, as KSK group members, we have shown this side of us time and time again by helping each other and believing in each other.  From all of our well wishes for loved ones who passed, to us reaching out to flood victims, and helping to review actor's monologues and head shots, we have been there for each other.   I salute each of you for this as well.


Graphic by Nick Brady
Now on to the fun stuff.  It's party time. YEA!  The night of Friday 13, 2012 is here.  I will have the opportunity to meet some of the KSK members and friends face-to-face.  I can't wait for that.  And, one of the things I like best is that the parties in Los Angeles and New Orleans, are just for fun and no other reason.  It's a new kind of Kick Off Party.  I don't think this type of party has been done before a movie.  But, what the heck.  There isn't anything normal or traditional about The Keystroke Killer.
Don't get me wrong, fundraisers have held prior to filming, but not just a party for actors who auditioned for roles and their friends and family to get together with the screenwriter and producers.  Has anyone else heard of this before? If so, I'd love to know about it.

Also,Gypsy Elise and the Royal Blues Band will also be playing at the New Orleans Party at C Beavers, 2507 N. Woodlawn Ave, Metairie, LA 70001.  The party begins at 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM (Central).

Gypsie Elise and the Royal Blues Band

And strait out of the mental institute is the latest update from THETEXASTIMSTER; AKA Timothy Wyant  he posted on You Tube the latest KSK News Alert.

The Party Planner Groups, one in Los Angeles and the other in New Orleans, have been working as hard as Robby and I have in sorting through the call back auditions to put these parties together.  Two Skype Rooms have been created for the parties so we all can connect.  The first group is KSK and the other one is KSK Group Skype.  Be sure to download the latest version of Skype (5.1) on your computers etc to be able to join in on the fun.  Also, since we can only have 10 people at a time in a group, we have several accounts and groups to join.  We will be ready to send you to the correct site.  But, the main thing is to have your Skype updated and ready to go.

We did a test run tonight before the blog came out to try and avoid any problems.  The test group consisted of:
  • Stephen Beal (Los Angeles Party Planner)
  • Nick Brady
  • Timothy Wyant
  • Jennifer Dawson
  • Jack Curenton (Los Angeles Party Planner)
  • Ivan Hoey Jr.
  • Gypsy Elise
  • Jamie Alyson
  • Johnny Rock (New Orleans Party Planner)
  • Dr. Mel
Look at the fun we were having.  Of course you can only see it right here in my blog.

The biggest problem we discovered is that you have to have the latest version of Skype in order to connect with us.  We also learned, that in order to be in the group chat, at least one member has to have the premium version of Skype.  Several of us do so we are ready.  We also learned that the group chat doesn't work very well if you use your IPHONE or IPAD.  You will be able to hear, but may not be able to see the party.  


If Skype isn't your thing or you don't have a Skype account you will be able to see the New Orleans party live. Anyone in the world will be able to watch the KSK party live tomorrow night by clicking on the following KSK PARTY LINK ICON:

How are we able to do this? To the rescue is Gypsey Elise, lead singer for Gypsy Elise and the Blue Royal Band.  They will be using their group's connection to broadcast the New Orleans party live that they normally use to broadcast their concerts.  That way, you will be able to join in on the fun, but you won't be able to speak with us.  But, no worries.  I'll be on Twitter and post updates as well as posting things on the Facebook site as it happens. A BIG THANK YOU TO GYPSY ELISE. 

Lots of fun in store for tomorrow night. 

I personally plan on taking a late afternoon nap, so I will be up and ready to party New Orleans style ALL NIGHT LONG.We plan on hooking into the Los Angeles Party, which will be held at 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Van Nuys, 16320 Raymer ST., Van Nuys, CA 91406.  The party time for CA is from 7:30 until 11:30 PM .



One thing I have discovered about the online process we are doing with The Keystroke Killer is that we all are getting connected to the project.  Actors comment that they usually audition and walk away from a project forgetting about it unless they get the role or are call backed.  Now, they are telling me they like the involvement and will continue to participate with the group even if they are not cast.  That is going to be he hard part for us because we have so many outstanding choices to choose from.  The good news is even though an actor may not be cast for these principle and supporting roles in the first round, we aren't going to forget you when featured roles come up through the series.  Please remember that and keep it in mind if you are not selected.

With a series, new characters are introduced throughout each episode as the plot develops.  So, you still have a chance to be included in the cast in one of the episodes. I find this comforting as I cannot cast everyone who auditioned.  For example, if you look at the names on the outstanding performances for each character, only one actor will be chosen for that role.  That means a lot of outstanding actors won't be cast.  But, that won't stop me or the casting director to call you back at a later time for a completely different role.  That is the benefit of the KSK member group.  I'll go there first, not only for this project, but for others.  

In fact, I have in mind right now if I were to cast for my screenplay A.D.A.M, or Never Stop Running today, I could completely fill those roles just by members of KSK Fan Site from the online auditions.  Also, I am currently writing another screenplay with five specific actors from the KSK member site in mind for those roles.  It is almost like I am writing the screenplay to fit them.  That is the power that this fantastic group of actors have to influence me and my future screenplays.  I can't begin to tell you enough how grateful I am to all of you.  This is probably one of the most important elements that I've learned from you.



Ladies & Gentlemen Another great Blog by: Dr Melissa Caudle YOU NAILED IT!!!. First off Dr Mel from 

reading your blogs every week, i feel closer to you and the whole KSK team. No words can describe the 

amount of knowledge and experience that i'm getting from this whole process its amazing.. I Loved your 

Dark Blue interview, great film with great actors, best wishes on the project. And thanks for all the imdb info 

wow i didn't know how important imdb is till now... Big shout out to Col Needham for bringing imdb to life. 

Also thanks to Jack E Curenton and Stephen Beal for their ideas with the imdb list and imdb links for us to 

support each other. Dr Mel you are a one Dedicated Compassionate Genius.. Peace & Love and congrats 

to all... Kennedy Moronta :)


I just wanted to say, "Thank you Melissa Caudle, Dr. Mel!" :) I have been re-reading all of your blogs over 

this past week and today, preparing for an audition in Texas tomorrow. The information has been priceless 

to me! I have irons in many fires at the moment but I also write and I will get back to it as soon as I can. I 

have been inspired by you and I look forward to meeting you at the KSK social. Have a great weekend!

Trace Schroeder
  • Stalkers theme song. Sung to the Mr Rodgers neighborhood song. It's a beautiful Day in the neighborhood, A beautiful day for a stalker. Would you be mine, could you be mine. I've always wanted to be a stalker that is true.  I've always wanted to stalk a neighbor just like you. So.... Since we're together I might as well say, let's make the most of this beautiful day. Would you please , could you please. Let me be your stalker!
    Blanca Avalos
    Blanca Avalos I am reaching out to all of you because of our campaign for our feature Shadow of the Monarch. We really need your help NOW! Its only a few weeks till we start shooting. Its a film I'm dedicating to my brother who struggles with bipolar disorder. We are wanting to bring awareness to mental illness with our film to help all of the families who are going thru this with a family member.... Our feature Shadow of the Monarch needs a minimum of $10,000 to get the filming we need done, including the use of a red camera to up the production quality. That means that if everyone on this list gave $10 at Indie go go we would make our total tomorrow. That's the Buck perk at Indie go go. here's the direct link to the $10 perk to make it easy. . I promise you it will be the best $10 you ever spent.

This is a new section to help all of you get a little free publicity. 

Jack Curenton

Timothy Wyant

Challa Sabree

Robby Stroud and Willie Nelson

If you have a picture you would like spotlighted, send it to me and I will publish it.


There is nothing like making a film and then being able to share your love and compassion for a project.  That is one reason I love this industry so much. Another reason, is the opportunity to share our projects with each other.  Check out these projects and events that KSK members brought to my attention that I find exceptionally noteworthy.

First up, DH Lewis submitted a trailer on a film called Silent Life.  It will be an Epic film 1920s style.  

Next, Caludia Coloma submitted a trailer for Burning Distortion produced by KitnKat Productions..  The film was produced by KSK member Chandra Gerson, and stars KSK member Bryan Papson.  The project has a great feel to it and the cinematography has a big budget feel to it.


I can not stress enough the importance of an actor honing their craft.  There is nothing like taking acting classes or an acting seminar especially if it is free.  New Orleans area actors have their opportunity to attend a free acting seminar by veteran actor and acting instructor Jerry Katz.  I know Jerry personally, as he was one of the cast members in a film by Steve Esteb, Dirty Politics, in which I was the 1st AD.  Jerry is a very skilled actor and I have attended several of his classes, not as a participant, but as a producer observer searching for new talent in New Orleans.  Actors in the New Orleans area should consider taking full advantage of this acting seminar as well as other acting classes in your area that are free.  Nothing can be better than to get something of value for free.  Thanks Jerry for supporting our Louisiana Actor base and providing this free workshop.  To make your reservation for the class or for additional information, contact Courtney Evans at 504-975-0877.


Everyone, please remember these are some of Dr. Mel’s top picks and not all It is a growing list.  It also isn’t a callback list either.  YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OFFICIALLY THROUGH AN E-MAIL.  LASTLY, WE ARE GETTING VERY CLOSE TO FINALIZING THE ENTIRE CALL BACK LIST.

Due to scheduling conflicts and the other shows I am currently producing, call backs have been set for August in both Los Angeles and New Orleans.  Dates for Los Angeles will be between August 9 -14.  Of course, not everyday, but that is the time I've set aside for Los Angeles.

Upon my return, we will begin the audition process for New Orleans and any actor on the call back list that can't come to the face to face auditions will have the opportunity to audition on Skype or Face Time.  We want to be able to see what you bring to the table.  And, please don't worry about an audition held on Skype as I do most of my production business on Skype. In fact, I work with screenwriters on the KSK pilot film that I have never met face to face; yet, I feel as if I know them very well.

So, without further delay, here is the updated "You Nailed It Auditions."  Several new names have been added in multiple roles.  Congratulations to everyone on this list.  You are to be commended.

Matthew: Russell Klein, Ross Kelly, Will Kliptine, Greg DePetro, Kevin Snustead, Chad Ford, Dean Ghaffari, Steve Carl Griffin, Eric Flenner, Joe Wagner, Geryh Curtis, Evan Boymel, Ace Marrero (although he submitted for Alex), Stephen Martin, Jason Burghorn, Steven Carl Griffin, Nathan Lucas, Jason Tobias, Jamal Kazak, Trace Schroeder (although he auditioned for Milo), Chris Waters, David Adolpho Gizzarelli,), Carl Schreiber, Mark Slater, Dedan Donavan, Gary Kauffman,  Jack Fry, Brandt Binkley (although he auditioned for Dr. Frank Franklin), Kenneth Sears, Mike Hennessey, Mrogan Jaye Williams, Dean Gaffari, Erik Nielsen, Eric Sharp, Robert Richardson, David Charles, Christopher Lewis, Edward Jones, Anthony Pierce, Kevin Riley, Matthew Donald Jones, Kevin Lewis, Peter Haroldson, Douglas Rogers, Justin Samuels, Gerald Smith, Victor Maze, Benjamin Todd, Lawrence Jones, Willis Martin, Eugene O’Neil, Billy Lancaster, Steve Ernst, Phillip Liles, Carlos Ruiz, Leonard Russel, Stanley Curtis, Dale Brankston, Theordore Clifford, Tom Oscar, Ronnie Maples, Bill Lyons, Wesley Hines, Zachary Mitchell, Corey Robertson, Brad Steigal, Ron Franklin, Jo Straus, Ben Ryan Metzger, Zach Zale,

BLAZE – Michelle Parent, Jennifer Gates, Codie Rimmer, Gwonwyn De Beer, Tera Garnett, Vanessa Ross, Katelyn Causey, Diane Lombardi, , Jamie Alyson, Bethany Regan, Lila Evans, Ashley Ann Alvarado, Annelise King, Chantelle Albers, Kaite Rotolo,

Dr. Garrick Angela:  Robert Fleet, Rob Steinberg (although he audtioned for Alex, I moved him over), Stuart McClay Smith, Julian Grant, John Henry Richardson, Ellery Truesdell, Doc Divecchio, Max Thayer (although he auditioned for Congressman Thompson), Jack E. Curenton, John Henry Richardson, Julian Grant, Joseph Steven (although he auditioned for Robby Z), Gariel Matthews, Ruben Stein, Brent Lester, Hector Mileford, Clyde Jones, Vernon Peterson, Rick Samuals,

Judas:  Challa Sabre, Jack E Curenton, Chip Carriere, Trace Schroeder, Craig Jeffcoat, John Percy Antonio Chavez, Rob Patterson, Don Rob, Stewart Strauss,

Milo Evans:  Will Rian, Rhoads Osbourne, Chris Swirles, Trace Schroeder, Challa Sabree, Timothy Wyant, John Wesley Cooley (listed under Leah Monnette), Casey Groves, Allen Merritt, Jeff Grey

Landlord:  DH Lewis, Jill Lachman, Billy Mayo, James Eakle, Marlynne Frierson- Cooley, Alice Finchum Bowden, Casey Garrett, Clifton Stokes, Willard Jones, Morris Jones, Ian Matthews, Hugh Maxim, Guy Fredrick,

Professor Faust -  Buddy Daniels Friedman, Kristen Stewart, Erich Klain, Ron Elliot, Everett Booth, Erich Klain, Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi, Bill Srkisian (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), Julian Michaels, Byron Isaac Morris, Robert Fleetwood, Allan Stanford, Lance Prevost, Darren Smith, Lonnie Nelson, Pierce Stanley Smith,

Fortune Teller – Gypsy Elise

Ima Starr:  Ava St. Claire, Gino Galento, Aaron Groben, Kenneth Sears, James Turndale, Derrick Berry, Sam Evans, Jeffery Robinson,  

Congressman Thompson:  Max Thayer, Ronnie Powell, Kelly Whitehurst, Justin Little (although he auditioned for Matthew), Vic Harris, Rich Rubin (although he auditions for Snead), Douglas Olsen, James McCoy, Mike Tuttle @ culinarycasanove, , Johnnie White, Sidney Clove, Kelly Ostrichnique, Ken Sanders, Darren Ingles,

Janice Thompson Bennette: Bettina Devin, Ann Hagemann, Cedrick Cooks, Heether De Sisto, Kristina Hagan, Kisa Steele, Deborah Adair, Summer E. Sinclair, M. Daniela Torchia, Christopher Callen, Jennifer Rosario, Katie O’Hagan, Jacqueline Murphy, Gina Lee Gallareto, Mary Laina, Toni Youngblood (although she auditioned for CNC News Anchor), Robyn Hyden, Marcia French (although she auditioned for Robby Zieagar), Veera Mahajan, HEATHER De Sisto, T.J. Meyers, D.H. Lewis,

Peterson:  Sid Burston, Cris Cole, Escalante Lundy, Darius Green, Jesus Ruiz, Phillip M Polite, Bryan Theodore, Carlton Enoch, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Aarron Spivey Sorrells, Verolga Leilani (although she auditioned for Dr. E. Wright), Jeffrey Grays (although he auditioned for Milo), Challa Sabre (although he auditioned for Judas), Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, David Kieth Anderson, Kris Gordon, Laz Alonso, Malcom McDaniels, Nathan Pierce, Kyle Mortaga, Henry Saouza, George Fleeting, Gary Cornwell, James Tyler, Dennis Martin, William Abblebee, Ryan Frost, Todd Nonnenberg, Jumard Clinton,

Jones: Cathy Dobyns, Nancy DeBoe, Adam Parker, Bobbie Lee, Raven Lexy (although she auditioned for Janice Thompson), Joseph McRae (although he auditioned for Matthew), Isaac Depeyer (although he auditioned for Matthew), David Castro, Scarlette Martin, Will Rian (although he auditioned for Milo Evans), Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Silvia Moore, Shanna Forestall, Veronica Simpleton, Jasmine Forest, Virginia Elmwood, Lauren Michales, Shandra Baptist, Kelly Filmont, Meagan Fletcher, Maria Estrova,

George Newland: Eric Flenner, Gage Maverik, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick), Vito Viscuso, Patrick McHale, Julian Hernandez, 

Rebecca Morrison:  Rush Wright, Lauren Holiday, Shanna Forrestall, Amanda Chism, Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Lydia DeSouza de Medeiros (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jana Bozeman (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Colleen Parker (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jessica Galinas (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Desiree Burgess

Robert Mendoza – Lance Trezona, Jose A Solorio, Rudy Garza, Luis Antonio, Jesus Ruiz,

Kelly Stratford: Katelyn Brooke, Alexa James, Kerry McCormick, Janab Davis, Breeze Marie, Marcia Anderson, Francis Thibodeaux, Mary Fitzgerald, LaShawn Garth,

Meagan Montgomery:  Nathalie Tedrick, Ilana Kitover, Meagan Pallares, Jennifer Peyton McDavitt, Hannah Bickham (although she auditioned for Blaze), Julie Wions, Glenn Ellen Anderson, Desiree Burgess, Kincaid Walker, Patty Miller, Melanie Hitchman,

Mag: Tera Garrett, Savannah Morgan, Heather Harvey, Savannah Schoenecker (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Jennifer peyton McDavitt (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Christian Drerup, Veronica Kelly, Caley Hayes, Brooke Coleman, Morgan Dickerson, Patty Miller, Marie Rousso, Abigal M. Ramirez, Jessica Seghers, Sarah Zurell, *Will Ritchie, Kincaid Walker,

Gunman 1: Pakelika,  William Moore, Aldo Juliano, Bobbie Lee, Mark Naji, Nico Falls, Steven Carl Griffin, Jeff Grays, Armando DuBon Jr., Jason L. Davis, 

Gunman 2:  Cali Muscle (although he auditioned for Milo), Jason Davis, Paul Vinson (although he auditioned for Milo),

Robby Ziegar: D Lawson, John Macey, Scott R. Wright, Robert Leh, Shobhit Agarwal, Steve Bartlett, Ron Elliot, Kenan Heppe,  Richard McKenzie Alistair, Anthony Castillo, Raquel Elizabeth Ames, Nancy DeBoe, Don Ronaldo, John Robert Macey III (although he auditioned for Faust), Joseph Steven, Brittany Samson, Blanca Avalos, Kidrowski Koppe, M Daniel Torchia, Sean Mount, Catherine Kirkland Burkeens, Bonnie Jane Levinson, Tierra Peters, Veronique Ledoux, Lisa Martel, Stephanie V. Williams, Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers), Leonard Kelly Young, Liam Stone, Annelise King, Jeffrey Jordon.

Jenni - Shannon Freyer, Aisha Alese, Sage Kairi, Cristy Joy, Judy Vasquez, Arona Spader (although she auditioned for Robby Z.), Rachel Amanda Bryant, Danielle Cohen (although she auditioned for Blaze), Alix Maria, Katy Dolle (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Raychelle McDonald (although she submitted for three other roles), Natalie Sharp, Adelaide Lawren, Natalie Sharp, Rimarria Appling, Iierra Peters, Ashliegh Frazier, Ashley Ann Alvarado, Connie Jo Segress, Kim Burns, Jenni Jones, Brooke Coleman,

Marge Greenberg: Ava D. Eadie, Linda Johnson, Carol Ann Scruggs, DH Lewis, Stevie Lorentzen (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Lilyn Anna (although she auditioned for Flores and Stephanie), Alice Finchum Bowden (although she audtioned for the Landlord), Lora Severn (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Phebe Bohart (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Helen Ray, Stephanie Mortaga, Alicia French, Rosemary Hill, Flora McIntyre, and Vanessa Strous. 

Kyle Flores - Bonnie Jane Levinson, Unique Moneek, Amanda Reed, Katelyn Gault,

Alex: Rocco Di Nobile, Morris Morgentaler, Paul Vinson, Robert DiTillio,  Dwight D. Coleman, Andrew Garrettson, Greg Gomes,Tim Oman (posted by TJ MYERS), Michael Villar, Prince Moore, Johnny Rock, Carl Schwaber (although he auditioned for Flores and Milo), Estaire Godinez,  Rhoads Osbourne (although he auditioned for Milo), Kent Gallegos,  

Dr. Elizabeth Wright: Adelicia Morris, Zoey Dean , Zoi Kottas, Marcia French, Katie O'Hagan, Tina D. Rubin, Kelly Lynn,Jennifer Rosario, Jacqueline Murphy, Hutchi Hancock, Julia Lynn Tockar (posted by Jesus Ruiz),Mary Laina, Rachel Whitman Groves, Nancy Beverly, Robin Lynn Rodney, Maura Lanahan, Jana Bozeman, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Leann Van Mol-Swisher,

Snead:  Mark Hoyle, William T Ensley, Victor DeLucie, Stephen Beal, Billy Mayo (although he audtioned for Landlord), Robert Leh, Tim Bob ThuderHorse Halpin (although he auditioned for Matthew), Steve Bartlett, Dane Haines, 

Hammer:  M Gerard Pavuk, Gary Kauffman (listed under Carlton Enoch who filmed it), William Lashbrook,

Lorenzo - John Caraccioli, Kennedy Moronta, Jash Salazar, Jamal Kazak (although he auditioned for Matthew), Ganno Nickell, Haunnard Uribe, Julio Mendez, Juan Carlos, Jorge Garcia, Laz T-Man Garcia, Alberto Mendoza, Harely Sosa, YTbooger973,

CNC Anchor:  Amy McGarry, Jessica Richmond, Amy McGarry, Ellery Truesdell, Graham Clarke, Clmesha McDaniel, Bill Pryor, Climesha McDaniel, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), Toni Youngblood, Vito Viscuso, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Tanya Anticevic, Patricia Nangkal,

911 Operator Clarissa Guerro,

Malcom: Timothy Starks, Lance Trezona, D. McLeod, Giovanni Suriano, Nirav Bhakta (although his audition was for Robby Ziegar), Joel Cole, David Dickerson (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Puneet Prasad, Sully Chaudhry (although he auditioned for Gunman), Seth Wade, Virgil Perry, Isaac Hayden, Jaime Falcon, Matthew Freedonholt,

News Director:  Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers (CNC), Ellery Truesdell, Rimarria Appling (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), James McCoy, Jose Solorio,

Astrologer: Melinda Lee, Marlenne Sosebee, Raven Lexy, Veera Majakam. Analiese Anderson, Marcy Toschi, Jennie Floyd, Suzanne Stephens Breitenbach, Ava St. Claire, Katy Wolfe, Melinda Lee, Sandey Lock, Barabara Goodson (although she auditioned for landlord), Phyllis Chafe Comoletti, Nakja Hoyer-Booth, Bernadette Bonfiglio, Katarina Rose Fabic, Leann Van Mol, Vera Petrychenka, Susan Nash, Melinda Lee,

Dr. Frank Franklin:  Jason Flowers (audition is for Milo), Shobhit Agarwal (although he auditioned for George Newland), Claudine Claudio (female Dr. Franklin consider although she auditioned for Dr. Elizabeth Wright), Gage Maverick, Erick Klain (although he auditioned for Professor Faust), Diana Marzigliano (although she submitted for Janice T.), J. Patrick Wise (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Michael Briggs, Anthony Castillo, Vicki Jo Costanzo, Christoph Dostal, Wanda Leigh,

Stephanie Winfield:  Madeline DeCourcey, Wanda Leigh, Leslie Gangl Howe, Diana Marzigliano, 

Cameraman -  Aaron Gorben,

Waitress - Susie Labry, Elizabeth Carder, Jen Starr, Margaret Gholston, Eugenia Care,

BODY GUARD - Prince Moore, James Eakle (although he auditioned for the Landlord) 

Mrs. Garrick Angela - Katt Shea (although she auditioned for the Landlord), Claire Ward Murphy (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi (although she auditioned for astrologer), John Henry Richardson, Melinda Lee,

Tracy – Noreen Theriot,

*Foreign Correspondant – Verologa Leilani, Helene Cardona (will have to open this role up in the second round), Milena Gardasevic (although she auditioned for Jenni.)


Rank Program Name Network Day Viewers
5 NCIS CBS TUE 8170000
9 60 MINUTES CBS SUN 7492000
13 20/20 ABC FRI 5958000
19 WIPEOUT ABC THU 5575000

*Information provided by Nielsen Media Research